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Social Marketing


How we develop engagement systems:


  • Build editorial posting schedules based on promotional initiatives.
  • Create relevant, optimized content.
  • Monitor and assess participation and commentary.
  • Incorporate tagged images and videos.
  • Equip staff to manage social content.


Reputation Management


Proactivity System


  • We review and manage online information using Proactivity, our reporting system for indexing and classifying data about your firm and its products and services.
  • The team sends positive and general business alerts, and offers solutions for adverse information.




Partner with the Ovation Social team to develop sales focused social networking. Discover the right social platforms based on industry culture, outreach and sales goals.










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  • Essex Products partners with the Social team for Facebook, Instagram and TikTok education and program management.


  • GoServe Sessions:

    Fall 2021
    October 4 - November 5

    Contact the team for more information or
    a briefing.









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