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How our clients use social networking to interact with customers:

  • Promote Products and Services
  • Manage Events and Sales Projects
  • Monitor Customer Care
  • Review Customer Feedback
  • Announce Rewards and Loyalty Programs
  • Share Product Information
  • Build editorial posting schedules based on sales and promotional initiatives.
  • Create relevant, optimized content.
  • Monitor and assess participation and commentary.
  • Incorporate tagged images and videos.
  • Publish and distribute activity reports.
  • Equip staff to manage social content.
Develop sales-focused social systems that connect with potential and existing clients. We show you social platforms based on industry culture, outreach and marketing objectives.

How We Develop Engagement Systems

         November 14, 2017
  • Ovation partners with Timberwolf for social media management services.
  • The Long Hill firm partners with Ovation for social content development and education. Services include staff training for Facebook and Instagram advertising and networking.

Todd Brennan - Director, Digital Services
Riley Hanson - Social Media Coordinator

Ryan Hoskins - Project Coordinator


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Reputation Management

Social Customer Care







  • Review and manage online information using Proactivity, our reporting system for indexing and classifiying information about your products and services.
  • Proactivity reports include positive, negative and general business alerts.
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