Engagement + Loyalty + Sales

  • Revise Service Paths and Customer Journeys

The Customer Experience

  • Create Tools and
    Resources to Improve
    Skills and Knowledge

  • Establish Styles For
    Customer Communication
    and Interaction


Team Performance

Service Standards

  • Improve Social Engagement Systems

Social Customer Care

  • Create an Effective
    Social Editorial Schedule

  • Add New Social Platforms
    or Improve Existing Systems



Social Media

  • Monitor and Automate
    Customer Engagement


Path 3 - Mobile

  • Develop Mobile Apps
    For Customer Care


Automated Systems

  • Implement Wireless
    Beacons for Customer



Proximity Devices

  • Improve Current Service Programs
  • Train and Equip Staff
  • Link Service and Sales Objectives

How We Plug In:

  • Develop Effective Social Media Programs
  • Create Relevant Content
  • Measure and Assess Customer Engagement

How We Plug In:

  • Automate Customer Engagement Systems
  • Develop Mobile Applications
  • Implement Proximity Devices

How We Plug In:

Path 2 - Social

Path 1 - Performance

 Customer Care Roadmap

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