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Lindsay Morton Cooke
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Employees make your world pivot, with
client service, knowledge and know-how
at the forefront.












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            News and Events

  • GoServe - Online Course
    7/10 - 8/11

  • GoServe 1D - Roadshow
    Dallas, Texas
    7/19, 8/22



Program Benefits

  • Business Analysis and Review
  • Customized Learning Systems With
    Related Professional Tools
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Career Networking and Planning











How Does Your Staff Deliver?






Ovation Is Your Performance Partner To
Harness and Grow Your Staff's Knowledge and Professional Skills.













Growth. Agility. Performance.

GAP is a system that offers a full range of services to analyze your business needs, and design the tools to accomplish them.

We develop a custom program structured for easy access and flexibility. Each program section has specific requirements, checkpoints and milestones.

GAP offers a full range of services to analyze your business needs, and designs the tools to accomplish them.

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June 27, 2017

  • The Performance Team premieres GoServe1D and GoServe2D. One and two day workshops comprised of segments from our popular GoServe online course. Contact Grace Reilly for information.

Lindsay Morton Cooke - Director, Business Systems

Grace Reilly - Business Systems Specialist
Beth McFarland - Project Coordinator


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