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GAP Components





















  • Business Analysis and Review
  • Customized Learning Systems With
    Related Professional Tools
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Career Networking and Planning











Growth. Agility. Performance.

Our GAP system offers a full range of services to analyze business needs, and design required educational tools and resources.


We develop programs structured for easy access and flexibility. Each program component has specific goals, checkpoints and milestones.

August 11, 2018

  • Job Performance Programs
    The team offers additional programs
    for employee coaching, social engagement and workforce systems.


Lindsay Morton Cooke - Director, Business Systems

Grace Reilly - Systems Specialist
Alexis Porter - Project Coordinator

Nick Rosen - Systems Specialist


Performance Team


















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  • The Performance team used GAP to help a group of engineers identify skill sets and develop new career paths.
  • After company-wide downsizing, we developed detailed analysis, created learning tools and organized professional networking activities.
  • Using GAP components and professional mentoring, each engineer was able to successfully chart the next phase in their professional careers.

Case Study

Occupational Programs

Ovation partners with 11 state workforce agencies for GAP occupational systems.


We design courses for specific occupations and workforce re-entry programs.

Customer Care Systems

GoServe is our GAP program for customer care, sales and marketing specialists, and includes a five-week online course, or in-house workshops.


Learn More About GoServe