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Ovation presents the current digital landscape for building a viable social customer care system, employing mobile applications and marketing professional services for lawyers and legal professionals.

  • Effective Google and Bing Placement
  • Local Search and Content Strategies
  • GeoMarketing Tools and Methods
  • Social Media and Optimization
  • Mobile Applications For Lawyers
Key Takeaways:


- SEO and Mobile Apps Guide For Lawyers

- Case Studies and Strategies

- Social Media Tools


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2019 Sessions

Miami, FL
July 18-19, 2019


















GoServe Summer 2019 Session:

  • Our customized workshops help achieve sales and team performance goals. In 2018, over 4,200 sales, marketing and service professionals have completed GoServe segments, impacting and improving client relationships and sales performance.
  • The program builds viable service skills, and develops social marketing and engagement strategies.


Participants work independently or in groups, using online resources. Managers and team leaders can track progress through weekly task completion and digital achievement badges.


Key Takeaways:

  • Overview of current customer care practices
  • Solutions for customer journey mapping
  • Social media and mobile apps solutions
  • Content creation and image manipulation
  • Customer loyalty program development
  • Social strategies for sales and marketing


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July 8, - August 9, 2019


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