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1.  Customer Connections

  . Assess Current Sales Processes

  . Examine Data Systems

  1.  Examine the current sales and service paths.

  2.  Analyze sales roadblocks.

  3.  Review service team roles and practices.

  4.  Evaluate customer data systems.

  5.  Explore mobile apps and artificial intelligence.

















 Pre-Planning Session

        . Customize Program Projects

        . Establish Outcomes



















2. Customer Transactions

  . Review Customer Relationships

  . Evaluate Services Standards

  1.  Examine current methods of communications.

  2.  Develop systems for customer dissatisfaction.

  3.  Evaluate tools for customer feedback.



















4. Visual Marketing

  . Review Imaging and Video Options

  . Optimize Visual Content

  1.  Review file format usage for images and videos.

  2.  Explore creation and editing tools.

  3.  Edit content for search engine optimization.

  4.  Review social platform requirements.



















 5. Customer Retention

 . Promote a Culture of Advocacy

 . Assess Rewards Programs

  1.  Examine current customer relationships.

  2.  Evaluation loyalty systems.

  3.  Review processes to promote continual sales.



















 Post-Session Review

. Evaluate Completed Goals

. Assess Follow Up Topics and Issues



















3. Social Marketing

          . Analyze Social Content

         . Align Social Activity With Sales Goals

  1.  Review current social networking goals.

  2.  Develop editorial calendars.

  3.  Review options for social platforms.

  4.  Explore industry-specfic social practices.



















Lindsay Cooke - Senior Director, Business Systems

Nick Rosen - Director, Business Systems
Wes Avery - Systems Manager

Adela Rodriguez - Systems Manager
Frank Johns - Program Instructor
Tom Lessing - Program Instructor
Kyle Wilson - Project Manager