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  • GoServe Spring Session:

    April 19 - May 21








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The GoServe System


Consists of workshops, learning tools, and networking events. It equips participants with transactional, social marketing and mobile engagement skills.







Program Components

















Program participants work independently or in a team. Weekly segments include topical materials, checkpoints, case studies and associated tools. 


The program is an excellent resource for staff onboarding and continuing education. Program tracts are flexible and customized for individual work environment and job responsibilities.

The process begins with pre-session planning to establish goals, checkpoints and outcomes. We assess learning culture, operations, and sales objectives. Once pre-session planning is completed, participants have a clear overview of requirements for successful completion.

Measuring Success


















Participants earn digital badges for segment completion.

  • Program managers are available for consultation, and provide facilitation guides and resources.
  • Post-session reviews assess concepts and skills, and align them with sales, marketing and learning objectives.