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Document Services Manager

Tara Stolz



We partner with you for document processing, and provide help desk services related to file conversions, image formatting, corrupt file

repair and problem documents.


The Process

















We carefully review project details, and a specialist determines a completion timeline. 


  • Reports and Financial Statements
  • Business Presentations
  • Image Modification
  • File Format Conversions
  • Mail Merge Projects
  • Legal Documents
  • PDF Editing
  • Spreadsheet Formatting
  • Web Page Captures

"Think, Act, Evaluate, Adapt."
              - Bill Gates




Out Recent Projects
  • Clients upload files to our secure system.
  • Project notes and updates are sent via email.
  • Activity notes are added to the project profile.
  • An email link is sent for completed documents.
  • The document specialist is available to review
    or discuss the project.

A project profile is created specifying formatting, security and related project requirements. The project begins once our client approves the profile and timeline.

About the Team

We have over 35 years experience in document and image processing.

















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Ovation Is Your Solutions Provider for Document and Image Processing.




















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May 16, 2017

  • Three new restaurants and food service companies collaborate with the team for electronic menus, sales brochures and related digital materials.

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Tara Stolz - Documents Services Manager

Maralyn Benson - Document Specialist
Ben Jones - Document Specialist

Beth McFarland - Project Coordinator


The Team

















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