April 2017


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An exciting part of client collaboration is seeing the effects of change through revitalized systems. Projects often grow and expand as timelines take shape.


For special events, our clients often need specific digital resources to ensure project completion and success. Emerge  is a digital system providing a clear flow of specialized services and products, to meet the needs of those special events.


In the Emerge portfolio of products and services, our teams coordinate and create required resources, and manage project components.


How Clients Use Emerge

  • A local veterinary clinic utilized Emerge  for electronic press kits (EPK). The digital portfolios promoted their new pet food products.
  • Architects tapped Emerge to promote an annual user conference. Ovation provided the mobile apps that informed and engaged conference participants.

Content. Promotions. People.


Emerge is flexible and easily adapts to project design and structure. We seamlessly align with the project staff, providing tools, resources and services.


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