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   United Airlines and Service 101



The recent passenger removal incident on an United Airlines flight, ignored the basic service rules that prevent negative branding. Company stock took a hit, the story created negative social momentum, and there are still angry flyers who won't book flights on the airline.


As social posts grew, there could have been a different public reaction if they used these top five service basics.


1.  Stop Denial or Defiant Mode - Take immediate ownership emphasizing an investigation into the facts. Show sincere compassion and concern.


2.  Flesh Out the Exact Problem - Determine the internal or systemic practices that caused the problem and related incident.


3.  Publicly Confirm What Went Wrong - Publish policy or operational changes. Give details on specific actions.


4.  Reach Out To Those Affected - Offer incentives or applicable replacement to those negatively impacted. Imagine the reaction if the United CEO visited the injured passenger in the hospital, expressing care and concern.


5.  Rebuild Relationships Affirm changes and communicate regularly with customers. Ask for feedback and suggestions. Confirm new policies and operational practices socially. Give examples and get customer testimonials. Reflect a positive post-incident environment.


United has a lot of rebuilding to do, but following basic service processes would help rebuild company branding and imaging.


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Starts the relationship rebuild.

Restructures policies and practices.

Resets confidence.

Nurtures relationships.

1. Contrition:

2. Examination:

3. Sharing:
4. Interchange:

Restores trust.

5. Communication:

The Top Five Service Principles

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